Uploading Forecast Data via Excel

One efficient way to bring your forecast data to Castaway is using excel. To make it even easier, Castaway provides an upload data template to make sure you cover all the available data entries for all the elements.

Using steps below, you can import the forecast data for your entire forecast in one go.

You can also re-import updated data to revise your budget in an existing forecast. Or create a what if version of your existing forecast and save it under a different name.

To build a forecast data template, go to Forecast > External Sources and click on Build Forecast Data Template and save the template. The template will open up in excel, where you can update your data.


After you update and save your template, you can go to Forecast > External Sources and click on Upload Forecast Data template and navigate and select and open the excel template and voilà the data get imported to Castaway in no time.

Of course, this process will only work for your forecast data. If you need to bring your actual or opening data please refer to Uploading Actuals Data or INTEGRATIONS: Importing from Excel

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