Changing the length of a forecast

Castaway forecasts can be extended out to a maximum of 15 years. Although some users choose to start a new file every year, it is possible to work with the same file for many years. 

Extending a Forecast

To add years to an existing forecast:

  1. go to Setup and under the Forecast Range click on number of years.
  2. change the Number of Years to the new total forecast length

  3. (optional) click the Options button to review how Castaway calculates data for the extended year(s). For a zero-based budget, set the % values to 0%

  4. click OK to extend the forecast


Removing years from a Forecast

A similar process can be used to reduce the number of years in a forecast. Years are removed from the most recent backwards and the remaining forecast must contain at least one forecast month.

To remove years from an existing forecast, go to Setup and under Forecast Range and reduce the Number of Years to the new total forecast length.


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