Do I HAVE to upgrade to Castaway 2019? Can I stay with Classic Castaway?

In November 2018, Castaway released our newest and most advanced version, Castaway 2019.

This software upgrade has been designed, developed and delivered with only one intention – to help you get more done, faster by providing an enhanced experience and improved features.

We expect our customers will upgrade and enjoy Castaway 2019 as soon as possible, especially as our new release comes with improved learning resources. We work hard to identify and eliminate bugs and inject more value into the software each time we release.

However, we do understand there will be a very small number of people who choose not to upgrade and who wish to remain using our Classic Castaway versions (v2016.3 and earlier). If this is the case, we would like you to acknowledge the following very important points:

  1. Classic Castaway (and earlier versions) will not be further developed
  2. Classic Castaway will only be supported (by phone or online) until 30 June 2019
  3. We no longer deliver training – public or private – in Classic Castaway
  4. There will be no more learning resources developed for Classic Castaway
  5. Perhaps most important of all … like most software, we do not support backward compatibility. This means, if you have created files in Castaway 2019, you cannot open them in Classic Castaway and we are not able to convert them for you.

We strongly urge you to upgrade to the latest version, but if you are committed to remaining with Classic Castaway, we understand.

Happy forecasting!

*Please note: Classic Castaway is not available to evaluators or ex-users.

If you simply must have access to Classic Castaway, please access it HERE, after acknowledging the disclaimers.

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