Fix installation error: "source file not found...."


If you receive a "source file not found...." error while attempting to install a new version of Castaway, you will need to take some special steps to resolve the problem. This involves using the Windows command line, but the steps below will guide you safely through every step.

Here, we are going to install Castaway using a *.msi installer, then uninstall it, then install the standard installer you tried earlier. It's a little complicated, but it works!

Step 1: Prepare for action

  • Cancel the installation process (click Yes then Finish to ensure it cancels completely)
  • Go to Windows Explorer and find the Castaway installer file you tried to run earlier (eg Castaway_2019.1_64bit.exe). It might be in your Downloads folder
  • Copy it to a different folder, say C:\Temporary

Step 2: Access the Windows Command Prompt

  • Access the Windows command prompt. Go to Run (Windows Start Key+R), type cmd then click Enter or OK
  • Note that your version of Windows may require slightly different steps


Step 3: Extract an *.msi installer from the Castaway installation file

From the Command Prompt, navigate to the folder previously created. For example, if you saved the *.exe file in say the C:\Temporary folder, you would type the following:

  • Type cd c:\Temporary at the Command Line, then Enter
  • Type Castaway then tab then a space then /extract , then Enter
  • Type Exit to leave the Command Prompt



Step 4: From Windows Explorer, run the *.msi file to install Castaway

  • In Windows Explorer, find the folder you previously created (c:\Temporary in this example)
  • Confirm you can now see one or more *.msi files (if not, go through Steps 1-3 again)
  • Double click (or right click and select Install) on Castaway InstallerWPF-64.x64.msi. NOTE be careful to choose the right file at this step
  • follow the installer prompts. Castaway should install successfully


Step 5: Uninstall all old Castaway versions

  • Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features
  • Uninstall all versions of Castaway (including any beta versions)
  • Follow the prompts to successfully uninstall each version
  • If required run the installation package castaway_XXXX.X_64bit.exe - this time it should succeed - uninstall and install should work now

Step 6: Install Castaway from the *.exe installer

Now we should have a perfectly clean environment. So, the final step is to run the installation package Castaway_XXXX.X_64bit.exe that you tried unsuccessfully to install earlier. This time it should succeed.

Of course, if you have any problems with this sequence, contact our support team.

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