UK Company Template


 This template is a Castaway file tailored for a UK company. To create a new UK forecast:

  • download this file and save it as a 'master' file
  • in Windows Explorer, copy the 'master' file and save it as a new working file
  • in Castaway, go to the Home Screen and then open the saved copy
  • start building the forecast as normal

This file creates a 1 year forecast starting April 2018. To change the forecast period or start date, go to the Setup workspace and review the settings in the Forecast Range area.


The specific settings for the UK include:

  • Chart of Accounts refers to Corporation Tax and VAT
  • Default VAT rate is set to 20%
  • Reports refer to VAT, PAYE, NIC and Corporation Tax
  • Corporate Tax rate set to 19%
  • Corporate Tax payments set to quarterly instalments per HMRC schedules
  • PAYE/Employer NIC payments set to monthly with 22 day payment terms
  • VAT returns set to quarterly on 37 day payment terms

Download the UK Castaway base file here:

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