Adding Headers and Footers to your report

Report headers and footers, including page numbers, are controlled through the Print Layout function.

To access Print Layout, use the icon on the right hand end of the main navigation bar, or go to Reporting > Publish > Print layout.

From here, you can control:

  1. Visibility (using the Show Header Line and Show Footer Line checkboxes)
  2. Header and Footer font
  3. the contents of the header and footer across 3 page positions (using the text boxes for Left, Centre and Right)


Adding Header/Footer contents

Choose the text box for the page position you want. the contents can be a combination of manually-entered text and auto-text. 

Type # to bring up a list of auto-text items, including:

  • #[Page] ... page number
  • #[Date] ... date printed
  • #[Time] ... time printed
  • #[Company] ... company name (from the Setup screen)
  • #[Report] ... report type
  • #[File] ... file name

For example, to add page numbers to the right side of the header, type Page #[Page] as follows:



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