I can't find my Castaway file

Castaway data files are separate from the program itself. That means Castaway data files can be saved to any location where the you have read/write access (ie similar to a Word or Excel file). Examples include:

  • a local folder (say on the Desktop or My Documents)
  • an internal data server
  • online storage sites such as DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive or GoogleDrive.

If you don’t remember where you’ve saved a Castaway file, there are 2 ways to find it:

1. Castaway recent files list

In Castaway, go to File > Open Recent. The last 8 files you opened will be listed here.

2. Windows Search

in Windows, click the Start button and use the Search bar. You could try:

  1. a specific search for the file name (if you know it)
  2. a generic search for Castaway files (search for *.pxif)
  3. a generic search for Castaway consolidation files (search for *.pxic)
  4. a generic search for Castaway mapping files (search for *.pxim)



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