The Export to Excel option is greyed out

The 'Export to Excel' button, (found in the side navigation panel), lets you export reports from Castaway direct to Microsoft Excel.



So what happens when you're trying to Export to Excel, but the button is greyed out?


There are 2 reasons why this might be happening:

  • Your licence is in Demonstration mode
  • The file is in read-only mode


  1. Your licence is in Demonstration mode

If you are a subscriber experiencing this problem, please contact our Support Team to have access to your correct subscription. 
If you are evaluating our software, your free trial licence will not be able to Print or Export any of the Reports to Excel. To gain access to these features, please contact our office.


2. The file is in read-only mode

To learn more on resolving read-only files, please click HERE to our other support article.


Of course, if you're still experiencing issues after trying these suggestions, please contact our support team.

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