INTEGRATIONS: Importing from Xero

NB. This article describes the new version of the Integrations Add-on module that was released in November 2016 as part of Castaway v2016.3


The Integrations Add-on module makes it easy to extract data from a Xero file and use that data to build and maintain a Castaway forecast. You can:

  • Build a new Castaway forecast from your Xero chart of accounts (including mapping)
  • Map the Xero chart of accounts to an existing Castaway forecast
  • Import Opening Balances
  • Import Actuals data (for one month or multiple months)

This article guides you through the following steps:

  1. Accessing the Integrations module
  2. Create or Open a Mapping File
  3. Select the Xero file
  4. Review the Xero data screen
  5. Map the Xero accounts to Castaway
  6. Import Values (Opening Balances)
  7. Import Values (Actuals data)


1. Accessing the Integrations module

You can access the Integrations module in several ways:

  1. Click the Forecast Designer button at the top of the Chart of Accounts on the Castaway main screen, then click the Import Xero button
  2. Go to File > Import > Xero Chart Import
  3. Go to Data > Opening Data > Import Opening from Xero
  4. If actuals are enabled, go to Data > Actuals Data > Import from Xero

The screen for Option 1 looks like:


2. Create or Open a Mapping File

A Mapping File (*.pxim file extension) records how the Xero chart of accounts maps across to the Castaway chart of accounts. Mapping Files can be used and updated every time you want to import data into Castaway from Xero.

The Mapping File is created and accessed via the Forecast Designer. Choose between creating a new Mapping File or opening an existing Mapping File.

We recommend saving the Mapping File in the same folder location as the Castaway file.


3. Select the Xero file

Once the Mapping File has been identified, click Load File Data to start the Xero login process:

  • Enter logon details to the Screencast application
  • Select the Xero Organisation you want to work with
  • Click Allow access for 30 mins
  • Copy the Xero authentication code
  • Enter/paste the Xero authentication code into the Xero Authentication screen

 Click Ok on the Xero Authentication screen to launch the Xero data screen



4. Review the Xero data screen

The Xero data screen appears, showing the Xero accounts list across 5 tabs:


Each tab shows the number of Xero accounts in 3 different categories:

  • (M)apped: accounts successfully mapped to Castaway ()
  • (A)rchived: inactive or redundant accounts intentionally not mapped to Castaway ()
  • (U)nmapped: accounts not yet archived or mapped to Castaway ()


5. Map the Xero accounts to Castaway

The Forecast Designer makes it easy to map the Xero chart of accounts across to Castaway. The mappings are stored in the Mapping File, which is designed to be updated and re-used whenever you need to import data into the Castaway forecast.

Using drag & drop, you can map:

  • one Xero account to an existing Castaway account
  • multiple Xero accounts to an existing Castaway account
  • one Xero account to a new Castaway account 
  • multiple Xero accounts to a new Castaway account
  • multiple Xero accounts to multiple new Castaway account

 Select the Xero account(s) as follows:

  • select one account: single-click on the Xero account
  • select multiple accounts (adjacent): single-click on the first Xero account, then press SHIFT and single-click on the last Xero account
  • select multiple accounts (non-adjacent):single-click on the first Xero account, then press CTRL and single-click on the other Xero accounts

Drag & drop the account(s) to the Castaway chart of accounts as follows:

  • map to an existing Castaway account: drag & drop the Xero account(s) over the name of an existing Castaway account (eg Main Bank Account in the picture above)
  • map to a single new Castaway account: drag & drop the Xero account(s) over the '+' element button. If mapping multiple Xero accounts, select 'Map to one element' from the popup
  • map to multiple new Castaway accounts: drag & drop the Xero accounts over the '+' element button. Select 'Map to multiple elements' from the popup 

You can also 'archive' Xero accounts to show they have been considered but do not need to be mapped to Castaway. To do this, click the button in the Link column until it shows a dark line ().


6. Import Values (Opening Balances)

Once the Xero accounts have been mapped as required, you can import opening balance sheet and prior P&L data from the Xero file. To do this:

  1. click the Import Values button to launch the Select Import Value Months screen
  2. select the Opening Balance month from the drop-down list and set the number of months data required in the Prior P&L (from 0-12)

  3. click OK to save the mapping file, save any changes to the Castaway chart of accounts and import the selected opening data


7. Import Values (Actuals data)

Once you have enabled Actuals in your Castaway file, you can import actuals data from Xero for one month or multiple months. To do this:

  1. click the Import Values button to launch the Select Import Value Months screen
  2. click the Actual Value radio button, then select the month(s)

  3. click OK to save the mapping file, save any changes to the Castaway chart of accounts and import the selected actuals data
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