Working with Templates

Templates (*.pxit file type) are an efficient way of creating new forecasts based on existing forecasts. When a new forecast is created from a template, it will contain the same chart of accounts and the same element properties, but no data.

To create a forecast template:

  1. open the existing forecast in Castaway
  2. go to File > Save As
  3. set the Save as Type to Forecast Document (*.pxit)
  4. Save the template to an appropriate location
  5. (optional) enter a short description for the template

To create a new forecast based on a template:

  1. in Castaway, go to New > New Forecast from Template
  2. choose the template you want to use
  3. click Open
  4. work through the New Forecast screens to set the forecast up

Note that it alternative approach is to simply copy a standard Castaway forecast (*.pxif file type) that has had its data removed. The benefit of this approach is that the new forecast will also contain any dashboards, report formulas and custom report settings that are included in the original forecast.

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