Resolving Issues with Exporting to Excel

Castaway can export many types of information to Excel, including:

  • Reports (using the Export to Excel or Export all Open to Excel buttons on the Report toolbar)
  • Opening Data (Data > Opening Data > Build Import Template)
  • Actuals Data (Data > Actuals Data > Build Import Template)
  • Forecast Data (File > Export > Forecast Data)

When you select one of these options, the system will switch to Excel (or launch Excel if it is not already open) and then display the data you are exporting.

If you are having trouble exporting from Castaway to Excel, we recommend checking these 3 options:

Is Excel in edit mode?

  • If Excel is already open but waiting for input on any worksheet, the export from Castaway will be delayed until the input is completed
  • The telltale sign for this issue is the Enter and Cancel icons being enabled in the Formula Bar of an Excel worksheet
  • If so, Enter or Cancel the input in Excel. The data exported from Castaway should then display as expected


Is the default Export location valid and accessible?

In Castaway, go to File > Options
The Save Data tab shows the default locations for items including Export Forecast Data and Export Reports. Confirm that:

  • these locations are valid
  • these locations are currently accessible (especially if connecting across a network)
  • you have appropriate permissions for these locations (read/write access is required)

If you are not sure whether a default location is causing the exporting issue, temporarily change the location to a folder you regularly save to (eg Desktop) and retry the export from Castaway


Is Excel installed and properly licenced on your machine

Although it is unusual, our support team have found this problem in a few cases, especially where a user has recently moved to a new computer.

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