Adding Logos and Images to Reports

You can customise your reports in Castaway by adding up to 2 images (eg business logo, icons, etc) to your reports. These images can appear on the left and/or right of all reports. You can also define the visibility for every individual report. 

Follow these 3 steps to add an image to your reports:

  1. Upload the image(s)
  2. Set general visibility across all reports
  3. Set specific visibility (for individual reports)


Step 1 – Upload the logo (or image)

To upload an image, go to Data > Forecast Options > Title Bar Images

  1. select Left Image or Right Image
  2. click Import ... and select the image file in your file directory
  3. click Open


Step 2 - Set general visibility across all reports

Once an image is uploaded, you can add it to all reports automatically from this Forecast Options screen, or add it selectively to specific reports. To add it to all reports:

  1. click the Show in All button
  2. click OK to confirm


Step 3 – Set specific visibility for individual reports

To add the image to a specific report, ensure the report is visible on screen, then:

  1. Click the Report Options button on the Reporting toolbar
  2. From the Title Bar tab, expand the Images & Background group

  3. From here, you can:
    1. Show or hide images
    2. Change the left & right images (note that this changes the images across all reports)
    3. add or change a background colour for the Title Bar


Tips and Tricks:

You’re not limited to uploading only your company logo. For example, you could upload an image of “Scenario 1” when presenting different business scenarios

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